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With many years of experience we are here to provide a top quality embroidery service.

We are not the cheapest, this is because we only supply quality, we do not undercut and then supply 'budget' embroidery. We are very proud of what we do, and will only supply the best. If for any reason the order does not meet your expectation, this will be sorted out immediately without a problem.

All of our work is professionally set up in stitches and we then supply all of the embroidery in house. No work is sent to other companies. The digitisation of the design (setting it up in stitches) is the most important part of your order. If this is not perfect your order will not be either.

We supply to a very large variety of companies, clubs, schools and public organisations including the Police and Armed Forces. Attention to detail is our priority, the position of all embroidery is carefully located in the same positon on every item. We do not cut corners - only supplying the best.


For smaller print orders, or for orders with special print requirements, this is the perfect media for you. The price structure for this service is the same as embroidery. This service takes longer than screen printing and more materials are required. This is perfect for designs which can be separated into single colour areas. For complex full colour designs we can quote once we have seen what is required.

Embroidery and Vinyl Print Prices (excluding VAT)
No. of Garments Breastpocket Embroidery
up to 8,000 stitches
Vinyl print
no size restriction on standard clothing
Additional embroidery on the same garment
up to 8,000 stitches
Additional vinyl print on the same garment
no size restriction on standard clothing
1-2 £10.00 £10.00 £3.70 £3.70
3-19 £6.00 £6.00 £3.70 £3.70
20-49 £5.00 £5.00 £3.70 £3.70
50+ £3.90 £3.90 £3.70 £3.70

These prices are for each vinyl print or individual embroidery which has up to 8,000 stitches. The majority of logos do meet this cryteria, but we will confirm this once we have seen the design. A quotation will be supplied for larger logos.

For special printed full colour designs please email the design for a quotation.

Additional embroidery - we can embroider the back of garments, we can supply a quotation for this part once we know what is required. This will depend upon the number of stitches in the design.
A logo or a specific requested typeface has to be set up specially in stitches. There is a one of cost of £27.50 for this service. An example is supplied for approval before any garments are embroidered. If you are not happy changes can be made at this stage. This way you will see exactly what will be embroidered onto your garments.

We can also set up standard lettering, to do this there is a one off set up charge of £10.00. Once again an example is supplied for approval.

If suitable artwork cannot be supplied we can bring the provided up to a suitable standard. Or we can create a design working from your brief.

There is an artwork charge of £27.50 per hour for this work. A quotation can be supplied for this.


Screen printing is an economical way of printing an image or lettering on to clothing or accessories. A screen is made photographically, an image is imposed on to a fine mesh, blank areas are coated with a special blocking substance. Ink is then passed over the screen and the image is printed on to the clothing. Colours can be built up using a different screen for each colour.

Print Prices
No. of Garments One colour Two colour Three colour Four colour
20-49 £2.95 £4.80 £6.70 £8.30
50-99 £2.50 £4.00 £5.60 £7.25
100-249 £1.80 £2.90 £3.90 £4.80
250-499 £1.30 £2.30 £3.30 £4.20

These prices are for each individual print on a single garment/product.

Large over sized prints - a quotation can be supplied once we have seen the artwork and know the final size and what needs to be printed.

These prices are for orders of 20+ garments, with the same print or prints on each. We can supply smaller printed or embroidered orders, please contact us directly for a quotation. We can also supply any of the products shown on the site plain, there is no minimum order quantity for this.

To make a screen we will require good quality artwork of the design required.

Each colour screen will be £27.50 each.

If suitable artwork cannot be supplied we can bring the provided up to a suitable standard. Or we can create a design working from your brief.

There is an artwork charge of £27.50 per hour for this work. A quotation can be supplied for this.


Print colour change - if you would like to change the colour of a design during an order, there is a one off charge of £16 to cover the cleaning of screens.

Special inks - Add £0.50 per print. This can be confirmed at the time of quotation or ordering.

Printing supplied garments - it is not a problem to print your own garments, the same set up for screens will apply. Please ask for a quotation to do this.